Communicate's Background

Communicate Technology was founded in 2009 with a main office at BJ Bhawan (2nd floor), Pradarshani Marga, Putalisadak, Kathmandu Nepal. Since then Communicate Technology has grown into one of the nation's leading companies, with two major business units: The Creative Division which provides designing, branding, creative development and print services, and the Development Division, which, by using the company's vast network, deals with a variety of web and software products, including websites, web applications, desktop application and mobile applications.

Communicate Technology is now poised to take another giant leap forward, as it positions itself to become a Brand and Marketing partners for different companies in Nepal and abroad. Communicate Technology is fully committed to provide creative solutions and bold drive to create better website and software.

The Creative Division is where everything began for Communicate Technology, as it is known today. It was founded in 2009 duly registered with the company registrar Nepal. The division played major role in providing award winning, outstanding and astonishing design works with non-comparable creative concepts.

It entered the development industry early on, using its extensive creative and design experience and expertise and has invested in research and development in a variety of areas ranging from websites to advanced software applications for web and desktop. Communicate Technology has also entered into the mobile application development as part of its strategy to anticipate changes in the world of mobile technology.

From its centers of creativity and innovation in its services, to its Main Research & Development team as well as its Development Center, communicate Technology has laid a solid foundation for its determined drive to become a leading design house.


Our mission is to energetically network visualization into reality with the help of astonishing creativity in economically sound methods of designs, develop, presentation and usability so that we may continually negotiate performance based infrastructures forming a never ending bond establishment with the clients.


We intend to provide our clients with the best brand building solution from the very beginning to the cliff of success and achievement, with a creative, applicability and, easy-to-use software and website, clear and clean designs, and fast, quality delivery.

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